Chemical Name:  Tetraethyl silicate
Synonyms:  Ethyl silicate, tetraethyl orthosilicate, silicic acid tetraethyl ester, Tetraethoxysilane, TEOS, silicon tetraethoxide, tetraethoxysilicon
CAS No.:  78-10-4
H.S. Code:  2920 90 8500
EC INDEX No.:  201 083 8
Main applications: 
  • As a ready source of liquid silicon it is used to deposit thin SiO2 films to different surfaces of glass, metals, fillers and ceramics. This helps to increase chemical and thermal proof of these materials as well as their mechanical properties.

Quality Data:

AppearanceTransparent liquid
Density at 20 °С, g/cm3:0,93 – 0,94
Flash point,°С, min:44
Chloric-ion content, %, max:0,02
Ethyl alcohol content, %, max0,65

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing in its original packing.

Packing: 210kg polyethylene or Van Leer drums stacked on pallets.

Transportation information: UN: 1292, UN PG: III; RID/ADR class: 3, PG III, US DOT class: 3; IMO/IMDG class: 3, PG III; ICAO/IATA class: 3, PG III

Shipping name: Flammable liquid (Tetraethyl silicate)


  • F Symbol
  • Xn Symbol
  • R/S phrases: R10-20-36/37, S16

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