Our principles, values and goals


  • We use advanced technologies and improve our system of management to enable highly skilled personnel to gain a firm standing in work and life.
  • Since 1964 we have been manufacturing high quality chemicals to meet the demands of our customers in Russia , Europe, Asia and America .
  • We are ready to cooperate with our partners in mutually beneficial business and various joint projects.

Our principles are:

  • Our enterprise is for the employees and the community.
  • Our business is custom-oriented.
  • We solve our problems themselves.

Our values are:

  • Our employees' high cultural standards in life and production.
  • Environmentally safe production.
  • Effective production: profit-and-custom oriented.

Our goals:

  • to increase our employees standard of living.
  • to develop production through integration with the leading companies of Russia and Europe in the interests of the stakeholders.
  • to secure our financial stability and to contribute to the economy of Chuvashia and Russia .

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