Quality Policy

Our motto: “Quality assures our future”

The goal of Khimprom activity is satisfying customer with our production, stable profit of the enterprise and worthy salary of the employees.

Main principles:

1. We always aim to please our customers
analyzing the highest standards of current and potential clients and assuring production quality.

2. System approach to management, continuous improvement of effectiveness of QMS and its interacting processes
by the leading role of administration and use of modern management.

3. Increasing of production efficiency
by reequipment, updating and reconstruction and cost optimization.

4. Mutual beneficial relations with suppliers
by development of partnership influencing production stability and output quality.

5. Our strength is team work
improving employees skills through training, implementing Quality Policy and labour motivation.

6. Continuous improvement of computerized system of records, control and analysis for making decisions on the basis of facts
developing integrated system of enterprise management “ISTOK”.

7. Assurance of production and environment safety
meeting the requirements of applicable laws, implementing environment protection measures and increasing standard of labour conditions

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