Job at Khimprom

Khimprom provides its personnel with a complex of services including nutrition, treatment and other. The company personnel can get loans for housing. The enterprise maintains polyclinic and hospital, sanatorium-preventorium, children's recreation camp.

Khimprom sets up the basis for attracting young skilled specialists. With support from the government of the Chuvash Republic a research-training center of the Russian Chemical-Engineering University named after D.I. Mendeleev will be created in Novocheboksarsk. The center will train specialists in science intensive chemical technologies.

Khimprom has established links with the Universities of Cheboksary, Kazan , Ivanovo concerning purposeful training of specialists and training on new specialities. Gifted students become company's scholars. Khimprom guarantees them following-up employment.

Workforce – appr. 3700 person.   Average age of personnel – 46

The Youth Union

The Youth Union is functioning at the enterprise. The organization was established to support the young employees' interests. It promotes young people in realization of their abilities, creates conditions for their comprehensive development.

Aims of the Youth Union :

  • Consolidation of the company young employees for successive solving production tasks;
  • Development of scientific and technological potential of the youth;
  • Strengthening labour discipline;
  • Improvement of standards of living and labour conditions;
  • Rendering assistance on legal issues;
  • Arranging of leisure and rest;
  • Promotion of youth employment, support in work, involvement in social activity.

Professionals of 25-30 years are the enterprise future. Already today they can participate in the enterprise management, make proposals on its improvement.

Not only the Youth Union but also the company takes actions to render support to the young employees.

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