Organosilicon varnish KO-075

Extended name:  Polymethylphenylsiloxane resin solution, modified with pentaphthalic varnish, in organic solvent (toluene, xylene, solvent-naphtha)
Synonyms:  Siliconorganic varnish type KO-075; Organosilicon varnish KO-075
№ UN:  1263
H.S. Code:  3208 90 910 0
Main applications: 
  • in production of enamels, paints of general use. Mixture of penthaphthalic, perchlorovinyl, nitroenamels with varnish KO-075 improves their strength, water-, heat- and- light resistance, water repellency, gloss and rigidity;
  • in production of heat resistant enamel used to coat parts operating at temperature up to 500 °C;
  • to prevent from corrosion outward surfaces of gas-conduits, chlorinators, steam and gas turbines, ejectors, different units of agricultural machines, air-driers, chemical traps, coal-tar chemical industry equipment;
  • for painting motor radiators and other parts and equipment operating at temperature 350 - 400 °C;
  • as anticorrosive coating of inner surfaces of steam and water tanks operating at temperature 150 - 160 °C;
  • for sizing and finishing of artificial leather; to improve acid resistance of protective clothes, to improve rigidity, heat-and-wear resistance of filtering fabrics;
  • as a separating covering in production of glass and plastics.

Quality Data:

AppearanceTransparent liquid from light yellow to dark brown color.
Opalescence and presence of mechanical impurities due to metal tare is possible
Non volatiles content, %37±3
Acid value, mg EII/g, max6

Storage Conditions: Store in tightly closed containers in ventilated store rooms or in special storage areas at ambient temperature (± 40 °C).

Storage Warranty: 12 months.

Incompatible Products: Oxidizers, acids, alkalis, water.

Packing: Railway cisterns, 275 litre steel drums.

Transport Type: Railway, road.


  • R: 11-36/38-40/22
  • S: 7-15-36/37/39
  • UN Hazard Class: 3
  • UN Pack Group: I

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