Ethylsilicate – 40

Chemical Name:  Tetraethyl silicate, solution
Synonyms:  Ethyl Silicate 40
H.S. Code:  3824 10 0000
Main applications: 
  • Feedstock for binding solutions, applied in founding for ceramic moulds manufacturing
  • Binding agent in heat-, chemical- and weather- resistant coatings (for glass, ceramic, metal surfaces)
  • Binder for zinc-rich paints (anticorrosion effect)
  • Antibacterial impregnation of wood in building and construction
  • Denture making in medicine
  • Tanning of dehydrated leather in leather industry

Quality Data:

Optical density at wave length, max:
Density at 20 °С, g/cm31,05–1,07
Tetraethoxysilane content, %10-15
Flash point, °С, min38
SiO2 content, %40 - 42
Hydrogen chloride content, %, max0,02
Ethyl alcohol content, %, max1,5
Viscosity at 20 °С, mPa * sec3,5–6,0

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing in its original packing.

Packing: 210kg polyethylene or Van Leer drums stacked on pallets.

Transportation information: ADR/ RID class: 3, PG III, IMO/IMDG class: 3, US DOT class: 3, TDG class: 3, UN 1292

Shipping name: Flammable liquid (Tetraethyl silicate, solution)


  • F Symbol
  • Xn Symbol
  • R/S phrases: R10-20-36/37, S16

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