Enamel KO-8104

Extended name:  Suspension of Pigments, Fillers and Special Additives in Organosilicon Resin Solution Modified with Acryl Copolymer
Synonyms:  Organosilicon enamel KO-8104, thermostable, silverygrey
№ UN:  1263
H.S. Code:  3208 90 910 9
Main applications: 
  • for painting of metal, concrete, asbestos cement surfaces used indoors, outdoors and at temperature:
    brand A - up to 400 °C, brand B - up to 600 °C;
  • for drinking and hot water pipes and capacities protection;
  • for painting of railway cisterns, capacities for highly flammable liquids, metal constructions and metal roofs, chemical plants equipment, parts of different engines, car exhaust pipes, rectifying columns, pipelines, heaters, stacks and incinerators.

Quality Data:

Brand A Brand B
Еnamel film colorSilverу-grey
Relative viscosity on viscosimeter type VZ-246 with nozzle diameter 4,0 mm at 20 ± 2 °С, sec., min 2525
Non volatiles content, % 40 ± 540 ± 5
Time of enamel drying up to stage 3, h, max at:
20 ± 2 °С2,02,0
150 ± 2 °С0,50,5
Enamel film heat resistance, h, min, at:
400 ± 5 °С3-
600 ± 5 °С -3
Film resistance to alternative influence of heating at 400 ± 5 °С and water, cycles, min5-
Film adhesion, units, max2111
Rigidity of film on pendulum device type TML; M-3, ME-3, relative units, min 0,40,4
Film impact-bending strength on device U-1, cm, min 4040
Film resistance to salty fog, h, min 9696
Film resistance at 20 ± 2 °С, h, min to static impact of:


mineral oil2424
Film resistance to static impact of mineral oil at 100 ± 5 °С, h, min 55

Storage Conditions: Store indoors in tightly closed vessels, storage temperature is not limited.

Storage Warranty: 12 months.

Incompatible Products: Oxidizers, acids, alkalis, water.

Packing: 40 dm3 steel barrels.

Transport Type: Railway, road.


  • UN Hazard Class: 3
  • UN Pack Group: I

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