Methylene Chloride

Chemical Name:  Dichloromethane
Synonyms:  1,1-Dichloromethane, DCM, Methylene dichloride, Freon-30, Khladon-30, Chlorocarbon, MEC, MC
CAS No.:  75-09-2
EINECS No.:  200-838-9
H.S. Code:  2903.12.0000
EC INDEX No.:  602-004-00-3
Main applications: 
  • Pharmaceutics and cosmetics: process solvent, extracting agent, tablet coatings
  • Paint and varnish strippers (contain 70 – 90% of dichloromethane by weight)
  • Solvent to replace 1,1,1-trichloroethane in adhesives and glues formulations
  • Solvent vapor depressant in aerosol applications, also contributes to reduced flammability
  • Metallurgy and electrical engineering industry: surfaces degreasing agent
  • Foam blowing agent for flexible polyurethane foams

Other applications:

  • Food industry: caffeine extractive agent
  • Chemical industry: solvent in the production of acetate fibers, photographic films, film strips, plastics processing, polyurethanes and polycarbonate production

Empirical formula: CH2Cl2

Quality Data:

Appearance Transparent colorless liquidwithout mechanical impurities
Assay, % min: 99,7
Organochlorous impurities content, %, max: 0,23
including chloroform content, %, max: 0,2
Water content, %, max: 0,05
Acids content as per HCL, %, max: 0,0005

Guaranteed storage life: 12 months from the date of manufacturing.

Packing: Van Leer drums 270±0,150 kgs net each, 80 drums per 20” sea container, 200 drums per wagon, iso-containers, railway tanks

Transportation information:

  • Land transport: RID/ADR class: 6.1; DOT(USA) class : 6.1, PGIII, UN No.1593, Shipping name: Dichloromethane;
  • Sea transport: IMO/IMDG class: 6.1, PGIII, UN No.1593, Shipping name: Dichloromethane;
  • Air transport: ICAO/IATA class: 6.1, PG III, UN No.1593, Shipping name: Dichloromethane.


  • Xn (Harmful) Symbol
  • T(Toxic) Symbol
    R/S phrases: R40, S(-2)-23-24/25-36/37

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