Company logo

Our logo comprises the following style elements:

Square is a symbol of reliability, stability and equality in partnership. Its straight lines embody strength and firmness. Demonstrating it Khimprom operates steadily and manufactures a wide range of production marketable in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.

Flower petals mean renovation and development. Khimprom doesn't stand still.

Petals suggest the idea of chemistry's relation to nature and our harmonious co-existence. Although the chemical process interferes with nature, nevertheless we care greatly for the safety of our environment.

Horizontal and vertical lines shaping the flower indicate sun-like energy distribution from the center to all directions.

The colour - marine wave is a symbol of life, hope and longevity. It is associated with the freshness of Chuvashia's woods and fields, blue colour of its rivers and lakes. It implies the great importance of production safety.

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